Our Top Free-to-Play Xbox One Games for (Cheap) Gamers

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So it’s Christmas day, you’ve just got a brand new Xbox One.  You carefully unpack the console, connect it to your TV and put the batteries into the controller.  But wait, you’ve got no games!

Well fear not as we go through our favourite free-to-play titles available right now on the Xbox One.  Just remember that all titles listed here require a Xbox Live Gold subscription, what’s more don’t forget to check out the free Games with Gold!

Arena Shooter

World of Tanks

World of Tanks places you in command of some of the most powerful war machines known to man.  Experience intense 15 v 15 multiplayer tank battles, where you work with your team mates to divide, survive and conquer your enemy.

With hundreds of stunningly realistic mid-20th century armoured vehicles to unlock and upgrade, across beautifully realised environments.  World of Tanks also allows cross-play with friends on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, allowing you to seamlessly jump between both games with all progress carrying over between versions.

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Are mid-20th century tanks not your thing?  Then jump into the cockpit of a futuristic mechanised war machine as you engage in fast-paced action.

Choose from one of three classes and work together with your allies to tackle six different game modes, including death match and co-op.

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You are a Tenno, a warrior of unprecedented skill with both the blade and gun.  It’s time for you to once again don the Warframe armor and defend the solar system against the Grineer.

Featuring fast paced action, customisable loadouts and four player cooperative gameplay.

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Role Playing


Enter a fantastical world in this voxel-based online massively multiplayer online RPG.  Featuring 14 unique classes, an unlimited number of worlds to explore, user-generated equipment and even your own home to build and customise.

Battle through lush fields, high tech cities, explosive mountains, pirate armadas and many more locations.  Not want to explore?  Then why not create your own world?  In Trove the world is literally shaped by you!

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Prominence Poker

Enter Prominence, a gambling utopia ruled by crooked goons and mob bosses all determined to keep you from cashing out.

Here you will find the thrill of high stakes poker, where you gamble everything as you play to topple “The Mayor” as the head of the mysterious underground empire.

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Tales of Astaroth

aTales of Astaroth is the fantasy MMORPG card-battle hybrid.  With it’s simple, yet deep, battle and card building systems.  Active players are rewarded with daily login bonuses, regular tournaments, new stages and even new cards.

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Card Games

Magic Duels

Summon mythical creatures, cast legendary spells and match wits with your opponents in epic online duels.  With over 1,000 erasable cards to build your own personal decks, including 167 new and unique cards from Magic’s Kaladesh set.

Play against friends and foes either online or locally.

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Explore the world of Dungeons and Dragons in this multiplayer online RPG experience.  Explore vast cities and dangerous dungeons as you and your party build your own legend.

Allowing you to team up with up to four other players to explore a fully optimised console role playing experience.

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Star Trek Online

Explore strange new worlds, meet new civilisations and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Choose from three factions, take control of your very own star ship and customise own crew before setting off to explore the alpha quadrant and beyond on foot and by star ship.

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This is just some of our favourite free-to-play titles available right now on the Xbox One.  If you’re looking for even more titles then don’t forget to checkout Microsoft’s Games with Gold, giving your four new Xbox One games to play for free each month!

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