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Minecraft Adds New PvP Minecraft Battle Mini Game


enter Minecraft fans looking for a new challenge, get ready.  Microsoft, Mojang and 4J Studios will be bringing player vs player action to Minecraft in June.

miglior trading opzioni binarie minecraft_battle_modeThe free Minecraft Battle update is currently releasing exclusively on console editions next month.  The new mini game will see groups of up to eight players battling in a variety of custom maps.  The start of each round will afford all players a period of invulnerability, giving each player a chance to scour the map for randomly generated resources to arm and defend themselves.

enter Once the time limit expires, it’s a free-for-all fight to the death.  Each player fights with the aim of being the last one standing, using forged items, the environment and even equipment from fallen adversaries to advance improve their chance of survival.  Matches can be played with up to eight players online, or four players locally through split screen.

source The new Minecraft Battle update will release in June, exclusively on consoles.  The new battle mode will include three unique maps, with packs featuring additional maps being released at a later date priced $2.99.  It’s currently unknown if Minecraft on PC and mobile will see a similar update in the future.

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