Cross Platform Play Coming to Minecraft

Minecraft is about to get a lot more social, with the upcoming Minecraft “Friendly Update”.  Allowing Minecraft players on Xbox, Windows and mobile to play with others, regardless of their platform.

Announcing Minecraft has hit over 100 millions players across it’s 14 platforms, Microsoft is looking to unite their community using the power of Xbox Live.  The update will introduce Minecraft Realms, a way for players to create persistent online worlds that their friends can join and explore, even when you’re not playing.  We can only imagine the scope this will allow for griefing…

minecraft_vr_john_carmackMinecraft for Gear VR was introduced by legendary game creator, John Carmack, which allows you to play Minecraft using selected Samsung devices and the Oculus Gear VR headset.  John Carmack explained how a title such as Minecraft is ideal for VR, demonstrating a small rollercoaster ride in which he was able to freely look around.

minecraft_texure_alienMoving on, we were shown the new texture pack support coming to Windows 10 and Minecraft Pocket Edition, a staple of the Xbox console versions for while now.  As well as altering the appearance of the many blocks types, you’ll now be able to alter the behaviour and appearance of the mobs within the game.  In the example we were shown Zombies dressed as aliens, complete with laser blasters.

For those interested, you can try out Minecraft Realms for free, today.  Available on Windows 10, iOS, Android and Gear VR.  Mods will be launched for Windows 10 and mobile later this year, with console updates coming in 2017.

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