Play Online for Free with Xbox’s Multiplayer Weekend

Want to play online with friends but don’t have a Xbox Live Gold subscription?  Then good news!  This weekend Microsoft is running another multiplayer weekend starting today until 12th June.  What’s more you’ll also get to play Rocket League for free all weekend too!

This offers is available to all Xbox players on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, the first time ever that Xbox One users have been included in the free event.  The free weekend will kick off early, starting Thursday 9th June (today) and will finish at 11:59PM on Sunday 12th June.  This means that Xbox One and Xbox 360 users can play online for free on Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles, as well as any other Xbox One or Xbox 360 titles you’d like.

The strength behind the Xbox brand has been driven by it’s superb Xbox Live service since it’s launch back in 2002.  Over the years Xbox Live has gone through many iterations, each one bringing new features and enhancements, and then current Xbox Live Gold subscription will allow players to play online on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, receive two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 games free each month, get exclusive discounts on games and content and download and play a host of free-to-play titles such as the recently released APB: Reloaded and DC Universe Online.

As an added sweetener, all Xbox One owners can also download Rocket League to play all weekend, completely free.

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