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Elite: Dangerous Comes To Xbox One In Timed Exclusive

Frontier have announced that the massive online space sim Elite Dangerous will be making it’s console debut on Xbox One with a timed exclusivity that will see the title launch on Microsoft’s console before heading to Sony’s Playstation 4 at a later date.

Frontier have claimed that they will bring the “complete and authentic” Elite experience to the Xbox One.  Something which will be a gargantuan task given the title aims to replicate the entirety of our solar system, the Milky Way.  Offering over 400 billion star systems to explore as well as a variety of jobs, missions and playing styles to explore.

Stating the support that Frontier has received from the Xbox community in the past, David Braben said the console was a natural choice as the launch platform for the console version of Elite Dangerous.  The original statement can be read below:

“Xbox players have supported Frontier well over the years, and thanks to games like Zoo Tycoon and ScreamRide we know the hardware well, so Xbox One is a natural fit for Elite: Dangerous’ console debut,”

“Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One will be the complete and authentic Elite: Dangerous experience. It will not be ‘dumbed down’. We’ll be working with an all-new audience, but that doesn’t mean a change in direction for the game, and nor does it mean slowing development on the PC version. The second of our updates – Wings – is being beta tested by some of you right now, and the third will be coming in the spring, free of charge. We’ll be talking more about the third major update – Powerplay – soon!”

Elite Dangerous is planned for release during Summer 2015.

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