Getting Started in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter puts you in the shoes of the Overseers to the newest ValtTec vault.  It’s your job to ensure your vault dwellers are kept safe from the horrors that lie outside in the wasteland.

In the following pages, we will look at how you can get your vault off to the best possible start, giving your dwellers the best possible chance at survival.  Firstly we’ll look at getting the basics of the vault taken care of, these are food, water and power.


  • Food allows your dwellers to maintain their health.  If you do not have enough food to feed the inhabitants to your vault, they will slowly starve and loose health.
  • Food can be generated at the Diner, Gardens and Nuka-Cola bottler.  The latter two require unlocking by increasing the size of your vault.  It can also be gained through opening lunch boxes.
  • Placing vault dwellers with high Agility (A) in the Diner will produce food quicker.


  • Clean water prevents you vault dwellers from taking radiation damage, if you run out of clean water your vault dwellers will be forced to drink dirty water, which will lower their maximum total HP.
  • Water can be collected at the Water Treatment, Water Purification and Nuka-Cola bottler rooms.  The latter two require unlocking by increasing the size of your vault.  It is also possible to get water from opening lunch boxes.
  • Placing vault dwellers with high Power (P) in the Water Treatment room will produce water quicker.


  • Power keeps all of your other rooms up and running, not having enough power will cause other rooms within the vault to shut down and cease any production.  This could be dangerous if also combined with low food and water resources.
  • Power can be generated from either Power Generators or Nuclear Reactors.  You can also get power as a reward from lunch boxes.
  • Placing vault dwellers with high Strength (S) in the Power Generator will help you to generate power quicker.

Once you’ve selected the number of your vault you’ll start to see potential vault dwellers queuing up outside your vault door.  If you haven’t already done so, create a Diner, Water Treatment Plant and a Power Generator.  Be mindful of their placement as each room can be expanded to a  total of three spaces, ensure you leave enough room for future expansion.

Once you have the three basic resource generating rooms, start moving your new dwellers into the rooms by moving them into one of the rooms.  As you move a dweller over a room you will see a number appear, this indicates their proficiency in that room, the higher the number the more proficient they will be.

Once you’ve assigned all of your dwellers to a room they will start to generate resources for your vault.  You can view how long it will take for the resources to be created by selecting the room and viewing the remaining time at the bottom of the screen.   Once this timer has run down you can collect your resources by simply selecting the room, it’s worth knowing that this timer will continue to count down even if you exit the game.

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