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Xbox One S Launches Today: 4K, UHD and HDR, What Does it Mean?

After weeks of waiting, Microsoft’s redesigned Xbox One S is finally available in the UK.  So what’s new?  Should you upgrade from your old Xbox One?  Find out here.

xbox-one-s-sqAfter being announced at E3 2016, the Xbox One S is finally in the hands of the gamers.  There is still some confusion regarding the technical improvements Microsoft have made to the console, and what they mean for your existing games and movies.  So if you’re confused by UHD and HDR, then we’re here to help you out.

4K and UHD – What is it?  4K and UHD are both terms used to describe the evolution of the High Definition standard, coming in at four times the resolution of Full HD/1080p.  Like it’s predecessors, manufacturers have yet to agree on what to call this new standard and although 4K and UHD are the most common monikers used you may also come across 4K Ultra, UHD 4K, SUHD, Ultra HD and 2160p, all of which refer to the same resolution standard of 3840×2160.

While the Xbox One S can play your 4K UHD Blu-ray movies and 4K streamed content at it’s native 3840×2160 resolution, Xbox One S games, apps and HD movies that output at 1920×1080 will be upscaled to 4K.

HDR – What is it?  HDR, or High Dynamic Range, refers to the expanded range of colours supported on the new Xbox One S and many newer TVs.  The addition of these extra colours allows for much more details in high contrast scenes, and truer to life colours.  Unlike 4K/UHD, manufacturers have two standards for displaying high dynamic range of colours; HDR10 and Dolby Vision – your TV must support HDR10 to use this feature.

In order to enjoy the benefits of 4K UHD and HDR, you will need a TV that supports both standards.  However, the Xbox One S will still work on traditional HDTV sets, although without the additional features listed above.  If you are looking for a new TV and want to ensure you will get the best out of your new Xbox One S console, make sure it supports both 4K resolutions and HDR10.

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