NuAns NEO Windows 10 Mobile Heads to KickStarter

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see Japanese company NuAns is heading to KickStarter to raise funds to release their Windows 10 mobile phone, the Neo, worldwide.  The campaign is asking for $725,000 to purchase the radio components required for the mobile phone to work outside of their native country. 3895 nu_ans_neo_3First announced in January, the NuAns Neo is a rather unique mobile phone, while many manufacturers are aiming for the slimmest, lightest and fastest mobile phone possible, the Neo is offering value and customisability as it’s main selling features.  It’s clear that this Windows 10 mobile is not designed to compete with higher end devices such as Microsoft’s Lumia 950 and HP’s upcoming Elite X3, however it’s modest price and feature set make it an attractive alternative to users who don’t need all the power those handsets provide. Featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 eight-core processor, 2GB of memory, a 5.0″ 1280×720 HD screen andMicrosoft’s Continuum all for $399 (or around £300 at the time of writing).  The specs aren’t the main reason why the Nu Ans Neo has been popular however, the insane amount of customisability of the device is it’s star attraction.  Offering a choice of either a ‘TwoTone’ or ‘Flip’ back to the phone, users can choice not only from a variety of colours but materials too.

ip option binaire nu_ans_neo_2 Want a soft suede bottom to your phone and an environmentally friendly wooden top half?  You can with the Neo.  Infant you can mix and match between four smooth plastic colours, two tones of suede and either dark or natural wood finishes.  As well as these interchangeable backs, all styles are also available in a flip style case.

get link For those interested in the mobile phone, check out their KickStarter page, here you can get a generous $150 discount on their proposed retail price for $399 at the moment.  However we’d hurry as they are selling out at this price.

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