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Everything included in the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Rainbow Six Siege is only a few short days away and Ubisoft has promised that all new content will be free for all players, so what exactly is included in the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass?  We take a look at what you’ll be getting should you decide to drop the extra dough for either the season pass of the Gold Edition of the game.

follow link The Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass can currently be picked up for £23.99/$30 on the Xbox Store, and while it doesn’t include any particular content that would otherwise need to be purchased separately it does include a number of little bonuses, a summery of which are:

  • One week early access to the eight new operators
  • Instant unlock of all eight new operators upon release
  • Exclusive VIP skin
  • Five Safari inspired weapon skins
  • Permanent 5% renown boost
  • Two additional daily challenges

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In the Rainbow Six Season Pass

go - Opzioni binarie: una descrizione del trading con opzioni binarie, oltre ad uno sguardo approfondito ai First up, all Season Pass holders will receive a one off deposit of 600 R6 credits in-game cash to spend on unlocking new operators early, customising your load outs and boosting your rewards.  The 600 R6 credits would normally cost around £4/$5.

go Speaking of purchasing new operators and equipment the season pass can help you out in two ways here.  First the Season Pass will give you a permanent increase in the amount of renown you receive after every mission, regardless of wether it was a success or failure.  This included all PvP and PvE missions.  This bonus has been said to be around the 5% mark, which is small enough to make little difference. Although the permanent renown boost is little more than pocket money the second way in which you can receive extra renown is by completing daily challenges.  Typically each day you will be presented with three challenges to complete, each with at least a 200 renown reward.  Season Pass holders will be able to complete an additional two challenges each day, giving potentially over an additional 400 credit boost each day.

partnersuche agrar Next up we see that players will unlock six unique weapon skins consisting of an exclusive Porter weapon skin and five Safari based animal skins.  These skins can be applied to any weapons in the game and only offer a cosmetic change from the standard weapon skin.  These skins cannot be purchased individually and are only obtainable through the purchase of the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass or Gold Edition. Going forward Ubisoft have announced that they will be releasing eight new operators and stages throughout the year, all completely free to all players.  While the content will be free and stages will be added into the current playlists, the new operators will still require purchasing using the in-game currency. Season Pass holders however will have early access for seven days before they’re available to anyone else, also they will become unlocked instantly.

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Ubisoft have been keen to describe the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass as a “VIP experience”.  While nothing in the pass is exclusive, other than the weapon skins, many gamers may assume that the pass will be required for the new operators and stages like so many other titles.  So is the Season Pass worth it’s asking price?  Ironically the players who we’d recommend this Season Pass to the most are also the ones who would likely need it the least.  The players who would invest more time into Rainbow Six Siege and ultimately be the ones who will have everything unlocked and wouldn’t need the renown boosts.  For casual players who are going to play a few games here and there and are likely to trade it in later on we would say save your cash.

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