Fallout 4 Pip-Boy App Available Today

For those of you who weren’t lucky/rich enough to afford the replica Pip-Boy, Bethesda has the next best thing with its new Windows Phone, iOS and Android Pip-Boy app available from today on the Windows Store, App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

fallout4_pipboy_appThe app will allow you to navigate the various functions of the in-game Pip-Boy, viewing your stats, inventory and even selecting what waste-land radio station you want to jam along to.  The app is compatible with all three versions of Fallout 4 due to be released, the Windows PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, however users wanting to play around with the app will have to wait as almost all functionality is useless until Fallout 4 launches next week.

fallout4_pipboy_appThere is a small piece of good news however, Bethesda were kind enough to include a demo mode which allows you to flick throughout the menus and see what the Pip-Boy experience will be like, albeit from the eyes of a charming level 6 waste-lander.  What’s more if you hit that little cassette icon in the top right you’ll have access to the Atomic Command holodeck game, a Fallout take on the classic Missile Command.


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