Inquisitive Destiny Explore New Destiny Areas

anyoption strategie Over the last week some very inquisitive and creative players have discovered hidden areas within Destiny that will be opened up in future DLC. Earlier this week YouTuber Nowise10 posted a video showing how to enter the Terminus which will be part of Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC pack to be released in 2015.  Entering the Terminus will allow you to explore the new area but other than locating three dead ghosts the area is completely empty with no enemies or event present, however the video with instructions on how to enter the area is embedded below if you are interested in exploring or getting yourself some additional dead ghosts.

watch The second future DLC area discovered an area, this time from the Dark Below, was posted by YouTuber Se7ensins showing how to enter a potential future strike mission called The Hypogeum.  Unlike the Terminus area the Hypogeum is completely empty with no enemies, events or even dead ghosts to collect along the way.  Entering the area involves getting your Sparrow into the Black Garden area and taking it to a holographic wall which with a boost will let you through.  Again the original video with instructions can be viewed below.

como ganhar dinheiro com as opções binarias We’re sure many more resourceful players will discover new locations in the future as it appears Bungie may have already created all of the game’s basic geography already, only needing to create item and enemy locations along with mission events.


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