Microsoft Reveals the new Surface Studio

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Long rumoured, Microsoft have finally unveiled the newest member of the Surface family; the Microsoft Surface Studio.

Designed with creatives and professionals in mind, the Surface Studio offers a 28″ pixel sense screen and is powered by the latest Intel Core processors, NVidea GTX980 graphics card, lightning fast Hybrid Rapid Hard Drive, up to 32GB of memory, 2.1 Surround Audio and built-in Xbox One wireless protocol built in.


As well as impressive internal specifications, the Surface Studio has a Windows Hello compatible Studio HD camera for high-quality video conferencing, a wide array microphone for accurate voice recognition, allowing tight integration with services such as Skype and Cortana.

For creatives and professionals, the 13.5 million pixel 28″ screen will allow you to work on two Microsoft Word documents at true 1:1 A4 size, allowing you to view documents exactly as they will be printed.  For those who want to be a more creative, you can collapse the Surface Studio down to a 20 degree drafting angle for use with  the Microsoft Surface Pen.


This new all-in-one Surface PC is designed for creative professionals, featuring a beautiful 28″ 13.5 million pixel screen featuring Microsoft’s pixel sense touch screen technology.  In a throwback to Surface’s origins, the small rotary puck, called the Surface Dial, can be placed onto the screen and used to interact directly with on-screen controls.  This could be to select colours in a paint program, zoom into a document or scrub through a video clip.

The Surface Studio will be available to pre-order starting today, 26th October, starting at $2,999US, prices for the rest of the world are not currently known.  The Surface Studio will release on 15th December 2016 in limited quantities.  Those wanting to get their hands on one should pre-order sooner rather than later.

The three models available for pre-order are:
Intel Core i5/8GB RAM/1TB/2GB GPU – $2,999
Intel Core i7/16GB RAM/1TB/2GB GPU – $3,499
Intel Core i7/32GB RAM/2TB/4GB GPU – $4,199

Those looking to pre-order in the US can do so at Microsoft’s online store.

So what are your thoughts on the Microsoft Surface Studio?  We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Nice post! Surface Studio is definitely an amazing desktop. I think the price is still acceptable for the base model. The base model with Nvidia GTX graphics chip, 8GB RAM, 1TB storage, Intel Core i5 still looks nice. And it’s a beast for sure. But i don’t think many people can afford this.

    • Absolutely. However, if Microsoft were to release a monitor only version that you could connect to your existing Windows 10 machine I would be first in line!


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