Project Spark Drops Free-To-Play Model

project_spark_x1_boxMicrosoft and Team Dakota have announced that Project Spark will dump it’s free-to-play model for their creative sandbox title in favour of a making the title completely free for all Xbox and PC users.

Starting from 5th October 2015 all game content, which previously was purchasable with in-game or real-life currency, will be completely free and unlocked for all users.  This will mean all existing paid for content, as well as the upcoming content pack containing over 200 new items, will be free and available to create your own adventures with.

This news does also mean that after the next content update no new content will be released for Project Spark, including future episodes of the Conker’s Big Reunion dlc that has already released it’s first episode after being announced at E3 2014.  Instead it is hoped the 200,000 strong Project Spark community will fill the void with their own creations, fuelled by the increase in items available to them as well as a doubling of the world size and object account.

As part of the announcement Microsoft have stated that users who have un-used tokens (the in-game currency) or have purchased and activated the retail disk version after the 28th July 2015 will receive Microsoft store credit equal to the amount spent.  For those interested the full statement can be read here.

Hopefully this won’t be the end of the talented guys and gals at Team Dakota and they’ll begin work on their next adventure.

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