Project Spark Goes Offline

Today is your final chance to play Project Spark online, including unlocking achievements, as the servers will be permanently shut down this evening.


Back in May, fans of Team Dakota’s Project Spark game creation title were sad to hear that Microsoft had decided to shut down the servers, effectively killing off the game.  Without access to these online servers, gamers will no longer have access to the thousands of user-generated games, levels and videos created over the last two years.  Players had been advised to download any creations they wished to keep for use offline before the servers go dark tonight.

Microsoft had high hopes for Project Spark, heavily promoting the title at the Xbox One announcement in 2013 as well as E3 2014.  They even went as far as to announce the return of everyone’s foul-mouthed squirrel, Conker, in a new episodic adventure.  However, only the first episode was ever released.

Project Spark would later go from a modestly priced traditional retail title to a “free-to-play” title, allowing players to download the core title for free, and either play to unlock new content or purchase it with real-world money.  This model was also dropped when Team Dakota announced all content would be free as the title became completely free last year.

Fortunately, the closing down of Project Spark didn’t result in any layoffs at Microsoft or Team Dakota.  Project Spark is no longer available for download on either Xbox One or Windows 10 for those who had not previously purchased or downloaded the title.

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