Project Spark Shines no More

Microsoft have announced today that their free title that allows you to create your own games has closed.  As of today, Friday the 13th of all dates, new users will be unable to download Project Spark.


Those that have already downloaded, or previously downloaded, the title on Xbox One or PC will be able to continue playing until the servers close in August.  This will come to a blow to many users, many who are active community members, that regularly enjoy creating or playing player’s creations.

This isn’t the first bad news for fans of the title.  After being announced at E3 2015 one of Project Spark’s first big expansions, Conker’s Big Reunion, was announced.  This new episodic connect would follow on from the Nintendo 64 and Xbox’s Conker’s Bad Fur Day, seeing Conker fight against the evil Teddiz in order to pay off his tab at the local pub.  Unfortunately once Project Spark become a completely free title, the Conker’s Big Reunion episodic releases were cancelled, with only the first part ever making it into gamer’s hands.

SConker-In-Project-Spark-670ince becoming completely free Microsoft and Team Dakota haven’t created any new content, instead choosing to give the community all the tools to produce their own.  It was stressed that no jobs were lost as result of the choice to close down Project Spark as most of the staff had already been reassigned to other titles.

This isn’t the first title Microsoft has shuttered this year either.  In March 2016 Microsoft announced that they had cancelled work on Fable Legends, another high profile title that was eagerly awaited by many fans of the Fable series.  While many people would assumed that this is a sign of Microsoft and Xbox struggling in the cut throat world of console gaming it, it has been reiterated multiple time that Microsoft are consolidating their talent, and aim concentrate on quality over quantity of their titles.

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