Cancellation of xbox set-top box, xbox ∞ the official name of next xbox?


With the Microsoft xbox announcement looming, we thought we’d look back at two of the recent rumours doing the rounds for the next xbox console.  As always remember that these are only rumours and nothing has been confirmed for the next xbox yet.


The xbox set top box is being cancelled.
Well this is a rumour about a rumour.  Apparently the guys, and girls, at Microsoft were looking into creating a small xbox branded AppleTV style set top box.  This device would allow you to access xbox music and videos, and possibly apps and “casual games”, but will not run what they call ‘full xbox games’.  It was said that this device would run on a modified version of Windows 8, something that the next xbox will also run, making porting games and apps much easier.
However none of this has been confirmed by either Microsoft themselves or in fact… anyone.  This means that the rumour of it’s cancellation doesn’t hold much weight when the device it’s rumoured about may have never existed to begin with.


The xbox will be called xbox infinity.
According  to an un-named source at International Business Times the next xbox will be called xbox infinity.  The also allege that development units have already been sent to a number of software development partners.  Microsoft have previously purchased the domain name which many suggested was a sign the next console would be called xbox infinity due to the similar shapes of the number 8 and the infinity symbol ‘∞’.

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