Has The New Xbox One Slim Been Leaked?

The day before Microsoft’s E3 media briefing and it appears that one of their biggest announcements has already been leaked, the Xbox One S.

xbox_one_slim_leak_1The supposed leaked images come from a Neogaf user, KawabataSan, who posted an image of the console in white, along with a controller.  It appears as if the image has been designed to appear on the Xbox One website, and includes text announcing the new console as “40% slimmer” and containing a “2TB hard drive”.

xbox_one_slim_leak_2This was quickly followed by a second image from a second Neogaf user, Ekim, who posted a second image showing the console stood upright.  Both images show the console in white, although it’s also expected to be available in black too.  Also shown in the image is a new Xbox One controller, which is described as being a new “streamlined controller”, although no further details are currently available.

Noticeable differences from the original Xbox One console include:

  • 40% smaller console
  • 2TB internal hard drive (unknown if it will be removable)
  • 4K Ultra HD video
  • High Dynamic Range video
  • Streamlined controller
  • Vertical Stand

It also appears that new Xbox One S has an Ir blaster located on the bottom right of the console, similar to the one found on the Kinect 2.0 sensor that allow it to control your TV and home cinema system.  It’s also rumoured that the new console will have it’s power supply, also referred to as a power brick, built into the console.

While none of this is confirmed, it’s very likely that you won’t need to wait long, as Microsoft are expected to announce the new Xbox One S console at tomorrow’s E3 media briefing.

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