New Xbox VR Reveal at E3?

Rumours With the recent rumours of Microsoft planning multiple Xbox consoles hitting fever-pitch, yet another possible clue may have been revealed by an unidentified developer.

quiero conocer chicos whatsapp The unidentified developer has revealed they are currently working on a new VR title in an existing Xbox franchise, due for release some time in 2017.  If this news is true, this would put the Xbox VR up against some stiff competition including the PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4 and both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on PC.

dating someone with diabetes type 1 oculus_hero-940x520 While it’s understood that the power of the current Xbox One console is not sufficient for an enjoyable virtual reality experience.  It would make sense for Microsoft to release a ‘mid-generation’ console, not only to supply enough horse-power for a VR headset, but also to compete with Sony’s rumoured “PlayStation Neo”.

austin and ally secretly dating fanfiction With this in mind, this rumour is the latest of many, pointing to the release of two new Xbox branded consoles to be announced during this year’s E3 in Los Angeles on 13th June.  The first console is said to be a more powerful version of the current Xbox One console, akin to the rumoured PlayStation 4K console being worked on by Sony.  The second console is to be a stripped down set top box, similar to Apple’s Apple TV or Googles Chromecast.  While not playing Xbox One titles directly, this micro-console would likely play universal apps as well as steaming larger titles from your Xbox One console.

go here As always, these are only rumours and should be taken with a heap of salt.  While it is likely that Microsoft are looking into virtual reality, as well as the possible successor to the Xbox One, it’s unknown if these will be announced at the year’s E3.


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