Xbox One Project Scorpio Revealed

As well as announcing the Xbox One S, Microsoft took to the stage to detail their future plans for the future of the Xbox console.  The future?  It’s Xbox One Project Scorpio.

Recently rumours of a new, more powerful, Xbox One console had been making their rounds on the internet recently.  While it’s not unsurprising that Microsoft are working on a new console, especially since Sony has confirmed they’re working on a more powerful version of their PlayStation 4.  It was surprising that Microsoft decided to tease the console today.

e3_2016_project_scorpioAlthough the took time to announce the console, along with the short video above, there wasn’t much in the way of information beyond stating the new console’s computational power would reach 6 teraflops.  This is 20% higher than the rumoured 5 teraflops mentioned in rumours last week, and much higher than the 1.35 teraflops the current Xbox One is capable of.  With this additional grunt, the new console is aiming for true 4K gaming at 60Hz, something the existing Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, cannot achieve.  It’s always worth remembering that to achieve 4K gaming, a console has to push four times as many pixels, around 8.1 million intact, to the screen as compared to a Full HD/1080P image, no simple feat.

The other advantage of this extra computational power is the Xbox One Project Scorpio will be capable of powering VR headsets, a direction the gaming industry appears to be going in.  While Microsoft didn’t announce any intention to develop their own VR system, it’s likely they will partner with another manufacturer such as Oculus or HTC in the future.

For those who are worried that Project Scorpio would cause their existing games collection and peripherals to become redundant, fear not.  The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, confirmed that all existing Xbox One peripherals and Xbox One game would be fully supported by Project Scorpio when it launches late in 2017.

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